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Monday, May 25, 2009

Dr. Binayak Sen Granted Bail

The Supremme Court on Monday (25th May, 2009) granted bail to Dr Binayak Sen after hearing which lasted for just one minute. With bail being granted to Dr Binayak Sen, there is a sense of victory amongst common Indians like me, for whom Dr Sen is a symbol of hope. He meant hope for the underprivileged and deprived masses of this great nation. It is a matter of national shame that it took more than two years for the judiciary to grant bail on a sham case manufactured by an administration bent or punishing Dr Sen for his crusade against ill health, poverty and ignorance. As a nation born out of a non violent freedom struggle, it is our dharma to see that people like Dr Binayak Sen should always be given the right place in history. His untiring efforts to provide medical care to the downtrodden people of Chattisgarh might not have gone well with the defunct state machinery but his hard work should be lauded wide and aloud within the four corners of India.

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Anonymous said...

I learnt of his release from the telly. He is a crusader and I wish him success.